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First day of Spring - Easy Crafts for preschoolers

Spring is here!

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. What better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with some fun crafts for preschoolers?

Here are some simple and easy ideas to get your little ones excited about the new season.

1- Flower Crown.

A flower crown is the perfect accessory for your little ones to wear on the first day of spring. All you need is some construction paper, glue, and some fake flowers. Cut out a long strip of paper and measure it around your child's head, then glue the flowers onto the paper strip. Once the glue is dry, wrap the paper around your child's head and tape it in place.

2- Handprint Butterfly.

This craft is a fun way for preschoolers to learn about symmetry. Start by folding a piece of construction paper in half, then have your child place their hand on one side of the paper with their fingers slightly spread apart. Trace their hand with a marker, then cut out the handprint. Next, fold the handprint in half so that the two sides match up perfectly. Cut out a butterfly shape from the folded paper, and then unfold it to reveal a beautiful butterfly.

3- Spring Chick.

Spring is the time when baby animals are born, and what's cuter than a baby chick? For this craft, you will need yellow construction paper, orange paper, and googly eyes. Cut out a circle from the yellow paper for the chick's body, and a smaller circle for its head. Cut out a triangle from the orange paper for the beak, and glue it onto the head. Glue on the googly eyes, and then cut out two wings from the yellow paper. Glue the wings onto the body, and your spring chick is complete!

4- Paper Plate Sun Catcher

Spring is all about sunshine, so why not make a sun catcher? All you need is a paper plate, some tissue paper, and glue. Cut out the center of the paper plate, leaving just the rim. Then, cut the tissue paper into small squares or rectangles. Have your child apply glue to the rim of the paper plate, and then stick the tissue paper onto the glue. Once the rim is completely covered in tissue paper, let it dry. Once dry, hang the sun catcher in a sunny window and watch the light shine through the colourful tissue paper.

5- Spring Tree

Spring is when the trees start to bloom, so why not make your own tree? For this craft, you will need brown construction paper, green tissue paper, and some glue. Cut out a tree trunk and some branches from the brown paper, and glue them onto a piece of white paper. Then, cut out small squares or rectangles from the green tissue paper. Have your child crumple up the tissue paper squares and glue them onto the branches to create leaves. Once the tree is complete, you can add some birds or butterflies to make it even more spring-like.

In conclusion, these crafts are a fun and easy way to celebrate the first day of spring with your preschoolers. They are simple enough for young children to do on their own, but also allow for creativity and individuality. Plus, they make great decorations for your home or classroom.

Happy crafting!

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