Infant Stimulation Cards - Why you should use them

When we imagine the nursery of our baby we usually think in a palette of cute and cozy pastel colours. Black and white is not our first option, but these two colours are actually beneficial to the development of the newborn baby.

Newborn eye sight is not fully developed. Their vision is blurry and they can't see colours yet.That's why bold contrast images attracts them, because it is easy for them to see it.

By the time they are 3/4 months old they start seeing colours, especially red.

Playing with black and white cards will not only help a baby to develop his/her vision, but is also a great activity to have fun and bond with parents and other families members. Furthermore, it can help strengthen the baby's neck if we show him/her the card and we slowly move to one side and then the other. Overtime the baby will try to follow the card , this movement helps to strength the baby's neck muscles.

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