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Signs Baby is Ready for Weaning

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Baby weaning is the process of transitioning a baby from breastmilk or formula to solid food. It's an exciting time for both baby and parents, but it can also be confusing, especially for first-time parents.

Here are some signs that indicate your baby is ready for weaning:

  1. Sits upright: Before starting weaning, your baby should be able to sit upright unassisted. This will help them swallow food more easily and reduce the risk of choking.

  2. Chews and swallows food: A baby who can chew and swallow food is ready to move on from pureed foods to more textured and solid foods.

  3. Shows interest in food: If your baby is reaching out and grabbing food from your plate, they're showing an interest in what you're eating and may be ready to try some themselves.

  4. Double their birth weight: Babies who have doubled their birth weight are generally considered ready for solid food.

  5. Good hand-eye coordination: When a baby is able to pick up food and bring it to their mouth, they are ready to start self-feeding.

It's important to remember that every baby is different and may be ready for weaning at a different time. These signs are a general guide, but always trust your instincts and consult with your paediatrician if you're unsure.

It's also important to note that weaning should be a gradual process, starting with small amounts of pureed food and gradually increasing the variety and textured of foods offered. Introducing solid foods should not replace breastmilk or formula, which should continue to be the main source of nutrition for your baby until they are at least 1 year old.

Remember, the most important thing is to be patient and allow your baby to explore and enjoy their food at their own pace.

Happy Weaning!

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