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Our baby blanket feature high-contrast black and white images, perfect for stimulating your baby's visual development🌟🐣🖤


The engaging and soothing images aid in brain development, attention and concentration. They're not just blankets; they are tools for your baby's growth and comfort!


Why black and white images?

The use of high contrast images since birth is  highly beneficial for babies and can play a significant role in their early development.  When infants look at black and white images, their visual cortex gets activated, helping to strengthen neural connections associated with visual processing. This can ultimately contribute to improved visual acuity and cognitive development.


How to use a high-contrast blanket?

Engaging with black and white images provides an opportunity for caregivers and babies to bond and interact.

They can be used during playtime, tummy time, and as part of the baby's environment, providing continuous exposure to visual stimuli.



🌟🐣🖤 Made of 100% jersey polyester that makes up the custom baby swaddle blanket is incredibly soft to the touch. Made in pre-constructed formatting, these coverings measure 30” x 40”.


When washing, use cold water and tumble drying.


.: 100% jersey polyester
.: One size: 30″×40″ (76.2cm × 101.6cm)
.: One-sided print

High Contrast Baby Blanket

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